Your Catalyst to Assess, Act and Achieve™ 

 Your Catalyst to Assess, Act and Achieve™

About GMK

Our Team

Experienced Senior Consultants - our team members are proven experts - we do not train or use junior personnel in our engagements thus minimizing disruptions to your business.

Flexibility to Meet Your Needs - because your challenges are multifaceted, we provide access to a network of specialists to augment capabilities of our core engagement staff, in engineering, operations, marketing, human resources, and information technology.

Our Approach

Custom Tailored Work Plans - we work with you to build concise work plans to meet your specific needs, with explicit targets, deadlines, and deliverables - we do not use generic or "canned" models in our engagements.

Advisory or Active Role - we can provide counsel and advice, or if required, we are capable of inserting interim management team members to take some or all responsibility for project implementation.

Proven Competence - we are able to move fast and act decisively, having previously worked through many challenging situations, successfully, with confidence.