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We deliver change, not lengthy reports:

We deliver change, not lengthy reports that collect dust on shelves, our mantra is “Your Catalyst to Assess, Act, & Achieve™” – the value-added is in our results

We offer practical real-world advice

We do not attempt to force-fit MBA-style classroom solutions or the latest-greatest business improvement theory onto our clients

Over 30 years diverse advisory experience

Our insights are supported by lessons we have learned working with hundreds of different companies and situations

No "canned" work plans

We take the time to tailor specific solutions to each & every client challenge – we do not use generic “tick sheet” analysis or “cookie cutter” reports

No "bait & switch"

We take personal responsibility for the entire engagement and its supervision – we do not pass projects onto a manager, who then delegates to senior, who then delegates to a junior to undertake a large portion of the work plan

Experienced engagement team members with at least 15 years prior experience

We do not train junior personnel or use unemployed manager/temps in our engagements

Ready access to experts

If needed, we are able to draw on our network of industry and technical specialist sub-contractors to augment capabilities of our engagement teams

Advisory or active role

We stand behind our recommendations and are capable of inserting interim management to take some or all responsibility for implementation

No "double dipping" on service offerings

Our clients trust us to provide them with unbiased council, leading them away from the status quo and onto a new future – we don’t offer potentially conflicting audit, tax, or ongoing accounting services

No "forever and ever" engagements

Our projects have clearly defined work plans, with tangible deliverables, and concise timelines – we get in, get the job done, and move on

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